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Newark, CA - Common Tesla Model S Problems Fixed at Our Auto Repair Shop

Many Americans recounted varying problems with the Tesla Model S. From trunk issues to deep sleep; the Tesla Model S is prone to demanding a repair shop's attention.

All cars will demand experts' touch at some point. So, the Tesla Model S is no exception. An auto repair shop can help you prevent problems with a regular maintenance schedule. We will fix these common Tesla Model S problems for you.

5 Common Tesla Model S Problems

Door Malfunction

Anyone will fall in love with the aesthetics, but most Tesla Model S owners expressed dissatisfaction with problematic doors. A few factors could cause improper door closure.

A failing door handle or microsystem will prevent the door from closing. Loose screws may also cause the door to malfunction.

While these causes may look easy to fix, it is pertinent to state fixing them is beyond an everyday driver's know-how. This problem demands you to stop at our repair shop. Our Tesla Models technicians will fix them for you.

Rebooting Problem

Rebooting itself is a common way of solving some digital issues in cars. But the case can sometimes be different with the Tesla Model S as the rebooting process won't stop.

Drivers are stuck with the nonstop rebooting process because this software is not within reach. The reboot issue is connected to unresponsive software that crashes the MCU, causing it to restart. Apps closure and USB removal may even signify more problems.

Our technicians are professionals and will handle these issues within a short time.

Beeping Sound and Chiming

Modern electric cars do not develop these issues, but they remain a common problem for Tesla Model S owners. Beeping and chiming can worsen until it continues after stopping them on the dashboard.

Blind spot monitoring, among other factors, can contribute to nonstop beeping and chiming. A faulty sensor could also contribute to these unwanted sounds.

We will diagnose these problems with the latest digital tools. Our experts will restore your car to the default state.

Unexpected Battery Drain

Tesla cars run on batteries. However, some users have complained about the Tesla Model S draining power even before it takes in enough power during charging.

Power drain may be fine when you have not exceeded the warranty period. But it could spell trouble if you have exceeded the period. Your dashboard often displays "Maximum Battery Charge Level Reduced."

An unexpected power drain limits your traveling range. Our experts will diagnose and offer instant solutions to the problems.

Excessive Deep Sleep Mode

Deep sleep mode on the Tesla Model S looks harmless but could be more frustrating than one thinks. These models find returning to the usual functionality challenging even after accessing it via the Tesla app.

Once the reception is blocked, owners cannot communicate with the car. The inability to communicate with the car can result in rebooting to restart the app.

In some cases, it calls for app uninstallation and re-installation. Manual services may not solve this issue in time-sensitive scenes. Visit our service centers to get your Tesla Model S out of sleep mode. Our experts will solve the issues instantly.

Next Step

As we have said, visiting an experienced repair shop is crucial to solving all issues with your car. Professionals will examine your car and offer excellent and lasting solutions. Tesla cars are one of our areas of expertise.

Our technicians are trained and familiar with these brands. We prioritize your satisfaction, so contact us to get the best out of your car.

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