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Newark, CA - Overview: Tesla Model S Suspension Services at Our Auto Repair Shop

The advanced air suspension systems on Tesla's lineup of electric vehicles require the expertise of seasoned technicians when problems arise. At our shop, we have a staff with the experience and Tesla-specific training to accurately diagnose issues and carry out lasting repairs the first time. Our enlightened approach emphasizes doing it right over doing it quick, ultimately saving customers time, money, and headaches down the road. Here is what sets our suspension service apart: Thorough Examinations, Not Guesswork Many shops rely on fault code scans and cursory inspections when faced with a Tesla suspension problem. Our technicians know this often misses hidden issues. We conduct methodical bumper-to-bumper examinations before any work begins. Our checklist includes: - Checking ride height at all four corners to identify settling or imbalance. - Road testing on varied surfaces, listening for noises and feeling for vibrations. - Monitoring the suspension control module's data in real time with advanced diagnostic computers. - Performing a hands-on inspection of the entire underside for damage or abnormalities. This rigorous process gives us a comprehensive overview of the suspension's condition. We can then zero in on all issues, not just obvious faults. Our enlightened approach avoids guesswork and speeds repairs. Fixing the True Cause - Not Just Symptoms Replacing damaged parts is meaningless if an underlying problem caused their failure. Our staff traces every fault back to its root cause before proceeding. Say a faulty air strut led to the ride height malfunction. We would inspect the entire system to find what allowed debris past the valves causing a strut leak. Simply swapping in a new strut would likely lead to a repeat failure. Our process ensures repairs endure. Looking Beyond the Repair Order Many shops aim to get a car back on the road as quickly as possible. Our techs take the time to look beyond the repair order for ways to enhance a vehicle's suspension. We examine components for wear and make alignments and adjustments even if not directly related to the reported issue. This comprehensive renewal saves customers future maintenance costs. We also suggest appropriate upgrades to improve driving dynamics while maintaining the refined ride expected from a Tesla. Investing in Advanced Equipment servicing Tesla's state-of-the-art suspension systems requires the latest diagnostic and programming tools. Our shop has invested in professional-grade computers with direct access to Tesla's databases and software. This equipment combined with our technicians' expertise lets us retrieve deep system insights and perform complex recalibrations. We also utilize specialty tools tailored for safely servicing EV components. Our enlightened commitment to having the right tools minimizes service time. Earning Your Trust In the end, delivering reliable work promptly comes down to earning customer trust. Our refusal to take shortcuts or make hasty repairs without exploring underlying problems demonstrates our commitment to doing the job right. We stand behind our work with a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty because we have full confidence in our enlightened process. Contact us to experience the difference an expert Tesla suspension shop makes.

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